Our team tightly integrates structural engineers and computer scientists with a diverse background in advanced structural analysis, numerical simulations, signal processing and data analytics, software engineering and high-performance computing, computer vision and deep learning techniques, mobile and cloud technologies, surveying and building information modelling.

We work in Weimar, the origin of the German Classics and the origin of the Bauhaus movement. Our offices are located in the vibrant Bauhaus FACTORY building, where we enjoy the neighbourhood of Bauhaus University and other startup companies working in the field of Digital Engineering.

Our staff performs structural assessment services and data acquisition services on structures all over Germany and in neighbouring countries. Software engineers develop our software solutions for deployment with clients such as road and rail authorities, asset managers and owners of heritage monuments.

A key part of our company DNA is an attitude towards solving real-world problems. The demanding nature of our projects helps us to focus and motivates us to deliver solutions that make a difference to our clients and the future of structural engineering and architecture as a whole.

Bauhausstra├če 7c, 99423 Weimar, Germany.
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