Our first drone applications in civil engineering in 2012 were the starting point for a great number of outdoor and indoor flight missions and the development of extensive mission control, scanning and data analytics expertise. The portfolio of structures successfully analysed using drone imagery supplemented by surveying data and other technologies such as laser scanning and sensor-based SHM spans across all sectors of civil engineering. The selection below documents some of the structures analysed and the services provided.

We would like to acknowledge the fruitful collaboration with INTEL on many of the missions and are grateful for the project support received on many occasions.

Klingenberg Footbridge Heilbronn

Scherkonde Viaduct Krautheim

Elstertal Viaduct Highway A72 Pirk

Truckenthal Viaduct Schalkau

Körnebachtal Viaduct Schwallungen

Grümpental Viaduct Schalkau

Geratal Viaduct Ichtershausen

Saale Bridge Halle a.S.

Unstruttal Viaduct Karsdorf

Main Bridge Gemünden

Auetal Viaduct Kreiensen

Retaining Wall Gehlberg

Rock Stabilization Donauleiten Passau

Pedestrian Bridge Ilmenau

Rotehorn Bridge Magdeburg

Castle Square Weimar

Ruin in the Park at the Ilm Weimar

Church of Altenburg

Caroline Tower Bad Berka

Church of Elxleben

Archaeological Excavation Teichplatz Weimar

Obelisk Domplatz Erfurt

Castle Hummelshain

Eiermann Building Apolda

Saale Bridge Halle a.S.

Wegelnburg Schönau

Church of Freyburg (Unstrut)

Elstertal Viaduct Pirk

Concrete Chimney heating plant Jena

Toskana Spa Bad Sulza

Old Gas Plant Weimar

Olympic Roof Munich

Concrete Chimney Weimar

Machinery Plant Wildau

Bismarck Tower Apolda

Brick Chimney Arnstadt