INFRA//TWIN facilitates modern asset management strategies based on digital models of real structures, so-called Digital Twins. These are generated from high-quality images using photogrammetric 3D reconstruction to compute high-res georeferenced building models. Using BIM methods these are enriched with condition data to enable digital inspections and status documentation as well as structural simulations and assessments of structural safety.
INFRA//TWIN combines all processes for creating the digital twins and an automated processing, for example with AI-based damage detection, and makes them available in a cloud platform. A modern, high-performance web interface is available for visualising the models and offers tools for managing and interpreting all information as part of a life cycle management and predictive maintenance strategies.
Features of the web platform INFRA//TWIN
  • intuitive browser-based frontend, no local software installation
  • dedicated user administration with access and editing rights for collaborative building management
  • multi-model functionality for integrating a wide variety of 3D model formats (point clouds, textured meshes, CAD, BIM, FEA models and 3D thermograms)
  • high-performance LoD 3D rendering, even of very large models
  • gapless and time-referenced management of condition data
  • annotation and measurement tools in 2D and 3D
  • referenced linking of high-resolution 2D image data with the 3D building models
  • high-precision localisation of images and damage information on the 3D building model
  • overlay visualisation of damage information in 2D and 3D
  • display of gigapixel orthophotos including damage information
  • model and image export
  • automatic generation and export of condition reports (PDF, XLS)
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Multi-modell function

Linked 2D images with 3D model

Images accurately referenced onto the 3D model (image finder tool)

Annotation tools in 2D and 3D

Structured storage of damage information